• Marksman Leisure

    We like to think we hit the target with Marksman Leisures new website.

    Mark came via a recommendation because of his frustration with his site... Updating and changing or adding content was a real challenge for him but vitally important to his business that his site was unto date and current. His site then was built with Wordpress. We believe that our CMS is a cut above!

    Beautifully simple and flexible to use plus FAST … So you won’t spend an age looking after your site. Mark picked it up really quickly and is thrilled with his new site, the support he’s received and the easy updatability he now has.

  • Insight Solutions IT Ltd

    Specialist Bespoke E-commerce

    Seamless CRM integration and specialist bespoke ecommerce were very important features when Fiona came to us. This specialist company needed things to work in a very specific way to suit their company and high profile clients. Off the shelf just wouldn’t fit the brief so I’m delighted to say that being a full stack developer I was able to deliver it for them.

  • Waste In Time

    Our Bespoke Starter Website

    Perfect for small businesses and tradesmen.

    Very scalable so it will grow with your business requirements. Fully responsive on Mobile Phones, Desktop Computers and Tablets. Secure working SSL for peace of mind. Search engine submission and Google My Business setup.

    From just £299! And it’s not off the shelf.

  • Knightsgrove Meats

    Knightsgrove Meats are just the kind of business we love to help get noticed and get found with this great looking website. Fully responsive and complying with all Google best practices with our super slick content management system built in Andrew and Sarah can keep their customers up to date with offers and new products. Proud to work with and support this local independent butchers.

  • Wills Wigs

    Wills Wigs came to me with a very specific brief of how they wanted their site to look. But just as importantly they not only wanted and needed to be able to update and make changes swiftly and easily to keep their site current and up to date.

    Add to that they wanted a bespoke database system thus bringing everything under one roof and giving them one point of contact for all their web and database requirements.

  • Britannia Driveways & Patios

    Paul, owner of Britannia Driveways & Patios came to us wanting better performance from his website although his site was doing reasonably well, he felt it could be improved. However, he liked the look of his site…. So we re engineered his site to maximise performance in all areas ensuring it complied with all Google best practice plus giving him the ability to update his site with ease.

    Proof that even small tweaks and changes can make a big difference to the success of a website. Just think of it as souping up the engine in a car!

  • Visit Droitwich Spa

    Exciting new site goes live for Droitwich Spa!

    Its purpose is to showcase and promote Droitwich as a visitor destination. Advertising everything from local history and culture, events and activities to where to stay or eat... All in one easy to navigate place.

    As locals ourselves we’re really pleased with the site and proud to be helping showcase the lovely town of Droitwich Spa to the world.

  • Seapulse

    Sometimes I work in collaboration with designers and other developers.

    Often graphic designers will create the look for the client and then it’s over to me to do the technical stuff. Sea Pulse is one of these projects.

    This fabulous looking website also has great engineering to comply with all Google best practice... Plus a super slick content management system for easy and quick updating of their new site.

  • Crompton Painters & Decorators

    Mark is a highly skilled professional painter and decorator with many years experience. Most of his new clients come from referrals. He was reluctant to have a website as he didn’t think he needed it and worried how much time it would take to look after it. However he found more and more people saying they couldn’t find him on line … It’s a fact we expect to find everything on Google.

    Mark came to me with wanting something simple and within his budget. I created a small starter website for him that incorporated everything a potential new client wants to know. About Mark... Area he covers... Photo gallery of work... Customer testimonials and a contact form.

    I also set up his Google My Business listing for him... A really important contributor to getting found and building your trust reputation on Google.

    His site includes a super quick and simple CMS so he can update his site on the go from his mobile. It’s fully mobile responsive and built using all best practices for Google and now sits at number 3 in the Google listing. Most importantly it works and Mark has seen his enquiries increase from both referrals and new clients.

    All this for an unbelievable £299 !

  • Curvy & Shapely

    The Big Bra Lady

    Karen has been a valued customer for quite a few years now.

    She felt it was time to have a fresh look to her website but still wanted it to be really clear to her customers exactly what she offers.

    New styles, colours and ranges need to be shown off to new customers and existing alike updated on a regular basis... The home page gallery showcases her products beautifully and of course is really easy and quick to keep up to date.

  • Brierley Hill Civic

    Bespoke Ticket Reservation & Booking System

    Including flexible seating plans, promotional discounts, multi seat packages, management reports, online & offline payments, promoter access, event guest management to name but a few of the features.

    This website is far more than just a pretty face… Not only is it incredibly simple and fast to update, essential for the team at BHC with new shows coming along all the time, but they also needed to modernise and be able to allow people to book their seats online. Going from only selling seats at the box office or over the phone was leaving them behind and so I was commissioned with developing a bespoke ticket reservation & booking system

  • Elevate Photography

    My latest work to go live. Paul really needs to showcase his work and be able to update his latest work swiftly and on the go.

    His new website is completely bespoke in build and design. Add to that the Wagtail CMS … fast, efficient and easy to use for this busy guy.

    As a web developer it’s such a bonus to have great photos to work with … I think Paul’s site proves that a pictures really can speak a thousand words.

    Always happy to recommend him.

  • The Bromsgrove Oracle

    Wagtail is truly is the best and most advanced CMS I have worked with and my clients love it too because you don’t need to be a technical whizz to make the most of it.  

    Let’s take The Bromsgrove Oracle as an example. Lyndon had spent a lot of money on his previous website, he’d got the look he wanted but wasn’t happy with the technical engineering of the site. He asked for my help to put things right. Keeping the look he loved (and had cost a lot) I re-engineered the site to have a tiger in its tank. Using the Wagtail Content Management System means he and his team can swiftly and efficiently keep the site fresh and current with ease. The site is engineered so it operates with all the best practices for search engine optimisation, it’s fast, slick and visible.

    If you have a website that you're happy with the look and are interested in seeing what I can do for you just get in touch for a FREE demonstration!

  • Elmbridge Holiday Cottages

    A website is a must of course for a business like this but showing potential visitors the true quality of the accommodation requires great images that can be showcased in the website. I built this site to do just that and more.

    There are still images and a gallery for each property, adding images is a simple process, even adding 10 new images in one go is possible without even editing them as the Content Management Systems does it all on the fly and sizes them accordingly.

    Adding a bespoke availability calendar module for each cottage gave them and their clients exactly what they required to make bookings seamless and up to date. That’s Managed in the CMS too, and it tracks customer details too.

  • Avonbridge Conservatories & Windows

    Ollie, owner of Avonbridge along with his Dad, is no slouch when it comes to websites. In fact for many years he built and maintained his own site.

    Ollie recognised that the internet and the importance of a good web presence was becoming much more sophisticated. When he made the change to allow someone else to build his website he wanted a developer who would truly listen and deliver way above what he could and had already achieved!

    He didn't need a Wordpress theme or template ... He could do that himself. He wanted and needed a bespoke build that was everything Google loves, future proof and swift to add to and update.

    Wagtail was the perfect solution, moving existing content over to the new site made seamless plus he kept the look he likes.

  • Outline Clinic & Skincare

    Mary white owner of Outline Skincare knows the value of her website. Essential in her fast moving industry where new products and treatments are being launched all the time ... Potential clients want up to the minute reliable info.

    To not have the ability to update her website was not a good option .... But she loved the look.

    Simple .... Wagtails flexibility allowed her to keep the look all it’s content whilst giving her a smooth and swift content management system.Mary now has full access to update it herself and gets stuck in on a regular basis updating everything from pricing, treatments, products, photos and even adding pages.

    There’s a lot of pages in the site but Wagtail makes it easy to locate page content and quickly update it, without too much forward planning. If the update is more involved Mary can save the work she has done so far and come back later to finish it off and publish it live.

  • Crown And Trumpet Broadway

    Andrew owner at the Crown and Trumpet has been a client for a good few years now. In fact this is only one of three websites he has from us. He's in a fast moving business in a very competitive part of the world ... The Cotswolds ... So it's vital his sites are fresh and up to date plus well placed on Google.

    Technology moved on from the first sites we built for him .... After so many years I'm proud to say Andrew trusts us to do what we do. Telling him about Wagtail features and benefits .. He simply said do it.

    He's always loved his websites ... he'll tell you if he doesn't :-) But he is delighted with the improved and ease of updatability Wagtail has given him and his staff.